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Half a century in power engineering!

Since the “Belelectromontazhnaladka” was formed in 1964, spe- cialists of the company took part in commissioning and startup of practically all major power plants of the country — electric, heat and power plants and substations.

This experience was used in the construction of major power plants at home and abroad, including atomic plants.

In the beginning of 1990s, the Company diversified its activities. New branches were created for commissioning and startup, testing and measurements, manufacturing of electrotechnical equipment, protection and automation devices, instruments, measuring instruments, joint projects of development and introduction of au- tomated systems of control of technological processes, integrated automation of power engineering, software development.

The “Belelectromontazhnaladka” is a diversified engineering company with its own design, manufacturing and testing facilities. In 2008 a branch was opened in Moscow.

Our specialists offer full range of design, supply, erection, commissioning, repairs, testing and service maintenance

of power engineering equipment and automated systems of control of technological processes.

The Company works at:

•     power stations, including atomic, boiler houses of all types;

•     substations of all power and voltage classes;

•     heat networks;

•     systems of control of technological processes and dispatcher and technological control of all levels;

•     power plants of individual enterprises in various branches of economy.

The erection and commissioning works include:

•     all types of electrotechnical equipment;

•     relay and protection devices, emergency and anticrash automatic devices;

•     control and measurement instruments, RF communication and remote control;

•     dispatcher monitoring and control panels;

•     all types of electric drive, including regulated drive;

•     all excitation and synchronization systems of electric machines;

•     measurement instruments for all systems;

•     information and measurement systems and automatic regu- lation systems;

•     logical and regulated controllers;

•     transformers of all voltage classes, 750 kV inclusive.

Design and introduction of automated systems of control of tech- nological processes at power plants on the basis of any equipment. Integration of various types of remote control systems into a uni- fied operational and information complex, design of multilevel hierarchical systems of control and metering of fuels.


•     6(10) кV Facilities for monitoring distribution mains, circuit breakers, vacuum switches, reclosers, load interrupter switches;

•     low-voltage AC and DC switchgear and control gear: panels, electric boards, cabinets;

•     relay protection and automation devices;

•     measuring devices;

•     equipment for automated systems of control of technological processes: controllers, panels, cabinets, etc.

Laboratories of the testing center perform:

•     metrological certification and calibration of measuring channels of automated systems of control of technological processes;

•     testing of equipment for compliance with the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility, electrical safety and environmental stability, evaluation of the electromagnetic environment, electrophysical measurements;

calibration of measuring equipment